Press Release: Anime Artist Raemarai Releases Debut Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Raemarai originates from a planet which in English language is interpreted as 0.00343829

Raemarai had travelled to earth several times in the last 200 years, but after recent discovery of planets much further from Earth, Raemarai has decided to make herself known to humans and represent 0.00343829.

0.00343829 is a peaceful nation with over 480 billion aliens, there are also some humans who reside on 0.00343829. The people of 0.00343829 are of an orange skin tone. Speak 180,000 languages, none of which can be interpreted into coherent human language.

Raemarai is a fictional character performed by Singer and performer Diana Alba. Raemarai will also be performing live as well as releasing full animation music videos, films and animation online content. Raemarai is currently Independent Recording artist under Raemarai Music. The concept has been referred to as “Gorrilaz meets Mr. Blobby Meets Rhianna.”

The single “Take Your Time” is an R&B track -Sexy Sultry with some Afrobeats influence. Raemarai will be releasing

music inspired from all genres and human cultures as she has spent a lot of time travelling and learning about humans.

Raemarai quotes “I’m excited to mix some genres that I have never heard together before. The plan is to blow your minds”.

There are also plans to release music of 0.00343829 culture in the near future. The single is available to download on all major platforms including ITunes, Spotify, and many others.

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