Press Release: “Run” The Scary New Single by JRS3 Tells You How to Run!

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Johnny R Sanford III or JRS3 aka The Hobby Singer-Song and Poetry Writer, within five years still continues to make a name for himself.

JRS3 is a native Texan returning to his roots in Fort Worth, Texas to spread a positive and motivational message through the creation of his music.

He is no stranger to the national music scene with his popular singles such as “We Can Party” and “Why” charting nationally in 2015. He caught the attention of Viacom/MTV with his release of “Red White Blue” licensed to Viacom/MTV while being distributed on Viacom TV.

Purchased exclusive rights to the beats from grammy nominated producer Jaywan Inc.

Signed to Star 1 Records (

jrs3) and in 2016 received 3 Akademia Awards for Best Video and Best Song. In 2017, JRS3 released two hit singles “Thank You” and “3 Cars 3 Bitches,” founded by JRS3 MUSIC LLC.

This year in 2018, JRS3 released “RUN,” mixed and mastered by grammy nominated engineer Beau Vallis.

Run is my funny & scary halloween song. I talk about how people are running to and from things like Chris Brown, Michael B Jordan, Dewayne Johnson, and LeBron James” JRS3 said.

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