Artist Review: King Shaolin – “Mountain” Music Video/Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Crafty, charismatic and undeniably catchy, we get mainstream quality from King Shaolin‘s anchor single “Mountain.”

Accompanied by a cinematic and colorful music video, King Shaolin brings us on a musical adventure of melodic vocals and top-of-the-line production value with all the goods. From brilliant use of post production, heartfelt lyrics and a versatile vocal approach, “Mountain” exhibits the same likability factors that a majority of today’s chart topping artists do; from the image to voice, songwriting to presentation, King Shaolin proves with this song and video that they’re headed to big places very quickly.

Known for their energetic stage presence and enormous live show experience, King Shaolin has been hitting the ground running since the beginning, and shows no sign of slowing the momentum down whatsoever. And it’s songs like “Mountain” that continue to show that KS is the next on the list to grab the top spot. It’s definitely a song that’s going to be at the top of your favorites before 2018 is over, and will have you itching to hear what KS has in store subsequent to this release. You’ll become an instant fan, and rightly so. The skill level and songwriting ability will earn your attention.

If you’re into today’s superstars like Ed Sheeran, James Arthur, Maroon 5 and artists of a similar caliber, then King Shaolin will fit like a glove in your outfit of favorites. And if this is your first time discovering this artist, you’ll be more than glad you did.

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