Artist Review: N.A.M. – “Ptolemy” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

One thing about music producers is versatility – they all have a different ear for detail and productive niches that they behold. We get a very electronically detailed and multifaceted musical journey on N.A.M.‘s most recent EP Ptolemy.

First and foremost, N.A.M. is a multi-genre producer emerging from the elite Dallas music scene in Texas and has been mastering his craft at the mixing board for the last 2 years. But if there’s one thing he has proven with this record – it’s that he has made very valuable use of his time, and he is an absolute natural when it comes to the art of production. And we get the perfect demonstration of that with his concepts in Ptolemy.

Attributed to one of the greatest philosophers in history, Ptolemy takes our ears, eyes and mind for a musical and visual journey that spills with authenticity, moods and an array of emotions. Each track is a cog of the machine, and carries key components to every measure that exhibits twists and turns that are clever, cinematic and modernized.

“Rays” presents an inward and outward burst of emotions that are subtle, ambient and well executed in telling its story in an instrumental way. It’s a track you invest your body and mind into, and really connect with its balance and composure as it plays out.

While the title track “Ptolemy” which features a straightforward Hip Hop feature artist that really puts forth a very powerful charismatic nature to this song, is more of a straight up banger with a dark electronic edge with modern twists. This is one of the central cliffhangers to the EP, and rightfully so.

And “Stemmatics” puts us back into that spectrum of mood swings and atmosphere that really puts our minds into overdrive. Another side to N.A.M.‘s artistic merit that is both original and familiar in its complex. Overall – an investment for the body and mind, and a showcasing of a very talented creator.

N.A.M. and this EP are a great entrance into the mind of a producer tackling a visual and musical concept with the power of mixing and mastering. And N.A.M. really masters that craft with every track that “Ptolemy” delivers up.

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