Press Release: Astara slated to release her debut single “Here She Comes” on November 29th

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Recording artist Astara will be releasing her dark, hypnotic debut single “Here She Comes” on November 29th, and it doesn’t disappoint.

With subtle ambience and soothingly dark textures, “Here She Comes” showcases Astara‘s signature sound and style in a very effective way that helps every listener grasp onto her artistic merit and dynamic story-telling narratives.

There’s a lot of moods and landscapes that play out in the dark-pop track that could be reminiscent to iconic artists like Evanescence, but with a more original and versatile approach. Astara‘s clean vocal tones and melodically medium-high range really carries the torch for this song, and really gets the listener to delve deeper into the emotionally crafted lyrics and well-chose melodies that she encompasses. It’s evident that her passion is integrated into this track and she tells a very effective story with her lyrics.

The buildups in every verse are magically smooth and lead into a soft however climactic and anthemic chorus that really puts the signature touch on the song as a whole. “Here She Comes” is definitely the perfect demonstration and introduction into getting to know Astara‘s persona and artistic merit.

“Here She Comes” is hypnotizing, spellbound and delivers a presence of melody and atmosphere that really gives Astara an everlasting impression. The single releases November 29th and will be available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms. There will also be a remix version of the song by The Vast Profound that will also be available as well, to showcase the song in a whole new angle. Mark your calendars!

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