Artist Review: J. Asadi – “Sky’s The Limit” Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Rising rapper J. Asadi has been cranking out records like crazy, and has his new album Lazarus Experiment dropping October 31st on every digital music retailer you can find. But one standout single that truly demonstrates J‘s determination to rise to the top is his banger “Sky’s The Limit”.

With witty rhyming techniques and multifaceted lyrical content at the forefront, J. Asadi flies head first into this song with a banging and rhythmic beat that parallels his bars and rhymes perfectly, and never fails to keep you on your feet and fully captivated on what he’s saying.

Touching on a do-or-die concept where failure is never an option, this hit single hits hard in many ways. First thing is, he’s more living proof that some of the best Hip Hop comes from underground/indie artists. Artists that pen their own content and stay consistent with the legwork to keep relevance. But what makes J. Asadi even better is how effective he is when emphasizing his points and punchlines. His vocal delivery is like an assault, and hits you over the head in ways that makes Hip Hop the iconic genre that it is.

“Sky’s The Limit” holds nothing back and comes at you full force from the very first listen. It’s the type of single that really entices you to check into J‘s entire catalogue, as well as look forward to Halloween this year when his album drops. If this song doesn’t leave an everlasting impression, I don’t know what will. This song is absolute fire and you’ll be glad we recommended this track (and artist) to you. You won’t be disappointed.

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