Artist Review: Jay Rockwell – “So Blessed (feat. Sisters of Element)” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Sometimes when there’s a dark side, we find light. Something that gives us hope, spirituality and the means to thrive rather than just survive. Jay Rockwell‘s Chicago anthem “So Blessed” touches on this concept in a very powerful way, and becomes a vital voice for his city.

Reminiscent of anthemic New York inspired songs like Jay-Z/Alicia Key’s “Empire State Of Mind”, Jay Rockwell embraces the city lights of Chicago in the same kind of way, representing his city and becoming an iconic influence through his music and message that sees the lighter side of darkness. And that you are blessed, and can always rise up out of a bad situation and find your spectral light.

The voices in this song, especially the chorus, soar with passion and hit home right where the heart is. The song’s beat and precise use of its instrumental elements gives the musical aura a strong sense of soul and atmosphere. And really presents itself more as an anthem rather than just a song.

Jay‘s charismatic and strong verses present lyrics that are both uplifting and inspiring, putting a spiritual viewpoint on situations that are very real, in a way you can identify with no matter where you’re from. His lyrical rise above his city’s darkness is emotional and bears a strong expression of artistic merit in a way that encompasses you as a person, and himself as an artist. He is effective, climactic and presents his vocal versatility that’ll stick with you in memorable and admirable ways.

The collaboration and addition of feature artist Sisters Of Element puts the perfect R&B touch on the song, presenting a hook that is also powerful and soul-infused. Another component to making “So Blessed” the gem that it really is.

The song officially drops on November 1st and will be available on all digital music retailers including iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and other streaming platforms as well. This track is perfect for the holidays, so mark your calendars! You’ll be glad you did.

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