Career Highlights: Camila Paiva

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Emerging from the elite Los Angeles music scene, rising pop artist Camila Paiva has been garnering a massive street buzz from her vast array of hit singles & music videos that have amassed thousands of YouTube plays and digital downloads. And she has no intention of slowing down her momentum anytime soon.

History: Born To Perform

Camila was born in Brazil and moved to Boston during her childhood years, where she grew up and began hitting the ground running in the music realm. It was around age 5 that Camila found an affinity for singing karaoke at family cookouts and began creating her own renditions of American songs. By age 8, Camila took an interest to writing poems and eventually started turning them into songs. She also began learning her craft at the keyboard by watching videos, and developed a niche for songwriting as well as performance.

During her high school years, Camila was introduced to producer Mike Cip. And it was there at Split2nd Entertainment Studio that she began her journey into becoming a seasoned musician. Mike became a friend and mentor, and was incredibly supportive of Camila’s work. That same studio is where she met Justin Mercurio, a Boston bred producer/artist who also became a good friend, music partner and collaborator.

Currently, Camila is working on releasing an array of singles varying from hard hitting hip hop hybrids to Brazilian funk crossovers to pop hits thats are already making their way across Spotify and leaving their mark on the web as well as on LA’s up and coming music scene.

Camila: The Music

Her Spotify playlist (titled “Popular“) has an incredible selection of versatile tracks that are multifaceted, multi-genre and atmospheric. Her angelic and subtle vocal tones have an impressive range and lends great pacing to each track. Her single “No Comparison” offers up an excellent demonstration of this and really showcases her craft as well as authenticity that carries her voice through it.

By far, this song brings out every element that shows Camila‘s vocal capabilities and melody structures. Every verse is ambient and sustains powerful ascension and anticipation. Then that chorus hits and completely captivates the energy in the song structure, and grabs hold of the listener. It’s the type of song that is timeless, memorable and hits where the heart is.

If this is the first time discovering Camila, then you’ll be left with an everlasting impression. And you’ll be enticed to check out the rest of her catalogue of hit singles, which are all available on digital music retailers and streaming platforms including Spotify.

She continues to compose, create, and manifest new material. And from the way things are looking, if she keeps it up at the rate she’s currently going, Camila Paiva will be a household name.

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