Press Release: N DOT C Drops his Video Premier For His Hit Single “I Feel Good” and Album “Go For It”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Photo Credit: Courtney Santos of Awkward Eye Photography

Music fans know that the underground is where the magic happens. The greatest music usually comes from the artists most casual fans haven’t quite heard about yet but who are pushing hard to get their message out into the world. Noah Castillo is a rapper & artist on the rise who is doing exactly that.

Noah Castillo, who goes by the artist name N DOT C, is an elite Hip Hop artist, producer, performer, and entrepreneur all wrapped up into one multifaceted powerhouse.

But he didn’t start this way. After working as a Network Technician for the last few years, it would be a chance meeting with celebrity entrepreneur/social media influencer Gary Vaynerchuk on March 13, 2017 at SXSW that would change the course of Noah’s path. And N DOT C began to emerge from the gates and manifest into a vital voice for Hip Hop, and proves with his latest record that he is made for the game.

Photo Credit: Courtney Santos of Awkward Eye Photography

It’s his transition into Hip Hop and the music realm that garners as the centerpiece to N DOT C’s new album “Go For It,” which explores the personal sacrifices and changes one has to make to mold their dreams into a reality, and broaden that message to everyone’s personal aspirations through the passion of music. It’s definitely a record you will relate to, and can successfully put yourself in the artist’s perspective without reservations and take a walk in their shoes – sole to the ground.

The music video for his anchor single “I Feel Good” is a feel-good track from the album with an insatiable indie vibe and is accompanied by a dangerously catchy hook from female feature artist Ora Cevallos. With charismatic rhyming techniques and versatile lyrical content, N DOT C takes us through a humble drama-free adventure of fun, friendship, hustling and working his way to the top by putting in the legwork and being real. The video is colorful, flavorful and keeps you on your feet throughout its duration. And it’ll definitely entice you to explore more into his artistic merit as well as the rest of his album.

A lot of artists take time to drop music that really has staying power, but N DOT C is one of those rare gems that really gets it spot on with “I Feel Good.” It’s free spirited, eclectic, and something you’ll be passing around. You can check out the premier video release at N DOT C’s Official Website at – you won’t be disappointed.

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