Artist Review: Tulga – “Dancing In The Streets” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Blissful and anthemic, Mongolia’s rising recording artist Tulga let’s his voice shine in his newest single “Dancing In The Streets.”

I am always all about a dangerously catchy song with a feel-good vibe. And Tulga gives us exactly that with this single. His well ranged voice is showcased beautifully and conveys lyrical content that tells a very powerful story that grasps at your heartstrings.

But it’s so much more than that. Once the verse starts you can’t help but feel captivated. The uplifting guitar progression sets the perfect tone and opportunity for Tulga to really bring forth a vocal approach that can make this song into an anthem, and turns out – he exceeds the expectations. The vocals are heartfelt, emotional and really expresses his musicianship factors in glistening ways with his subtle vocal tones and mainstream-worthy gift of vocal projection.

Once that chorus hits, it hits home right where the heart is. With beautifully placed upper 3rd harmonies emphasizing every vocal detail, Tulga sings a chorus that couldn’t have been written better, and truly brings this song to life where it can reach your soul and stay with you. A true heartwarming feeling emulates from this chorus and highlights the brilliant songwriting that has gone into it.

And also, who can resist a 2-part harmonized guitar lead. This soft and well placed solo brings even more depth to the song and just makes you feel even warmer as its duration plays out. It’s a genuine surprise and really brings forth an eclectic aura that ties the whole song together. And the production value is right where it needs to be with the perfect mix of all the leads being right out in the forefront to articulate its purpose in the song. It just feels right, and you’ll definitely agree when you take a listen for yourself.

It’s rare a song this good from the Alt/Rock genre comes to the platform. If you’re waiting around for the next artist to bring you a genuinely great song with brilliant songwriting, then stop waiting. Tulga‘s “Dancing In The Streets” will be everything you’re looking for plus so much more.

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