Artist Review: Charlie Blackheart – “F*ck Feels” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With witty rhyming techniques and dynamic lyrical structures, Charlie Blackheart heats up the streets with his newest 7-track EP F**ked Feels.

Adding elements of alternative to his chemistry, Charlie Blackheart comes out swinging with this newest record with some serious versatility and originality. He’s very stylistic, his flow is catchy, and his vocal approach is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to younger artists on the rise.

This EP, which is the first installment of a 2-part series, has a selection of beats that are ambient and atmospheric and provide the perfect soundtrack for CB‘s character and artistic merit. Reminiscent of today’s more mainstream sound, his underground vibe is what really gives this record the authenticity it needs, and it truly brings out his strongest musicianship factors right to the forefront where we can hear solid lyrical punchlines and hooks.

Coming from the elite Atlanta music scene, F*ck Feels is a brilliant contribution to the Hip Hop genre that will be garnering more attention as new fans discover this record and artist. This EP is a perfect first impression, and will definitely entice you to dive deeper into the facets of Charlie Blackheart‘s catalogue and career.

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