Artist Review: Shanty Franco – “Ain’t Think About Ya” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Smooth, sensual and vibrant, Shanty Franco proves that her looks and talent go hand in hand with her newest hit single “Ain’t Think About Ya.”

Utilizing a signature style that combines an ambient approach to Pop and R&B, Shanty‘s voice is sexy and soothing as she articulates a blissful vocal range that is melodically evident throughout every measure of the song. The production value is top of the line, her image is very versatile and her musical direction is very promising.

There’s a special kind of vibrance to Shanty‘s voice. It’s like she sings to your soul, and viscerally sees right through you with her passion of music. There are atmospheric textures with the beat and really brings out the heat of the song’s emotions. It’s an anthemic embrace of sensuality, sexuality and musical imagery that’ll heat up your most passionate moments.

Shanty Franco has garnered an insatiable street buzz ever since she came out the gate, and “Ain’t Think About Ya” is definitely a song that proves she is more than worthy of the attention. The song is available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms, and you’ll be more than glad that we recommended it to you.

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