Artist Review: Trey Mack – “Lane 2 Lane” Mixtape

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Rising rapper Trey Mack comes out swinging with his newest release Lane 2 Lane, and it does not disappoint.

Trey has graced our platform before, and one thing we love seeing is an artist’s evolution, innovation and overall manifestation. And we get to see and hear all that and more with his new smash new record Lane 2 Lane.

First thing I have to give a nod to is the clever lyrical content he has been known for. He’s really stepped it up quite a few notches and has taken his dynamic rhyming techniques to that next-level status, and encompasses a series of catchy punchlines and witty plays on words.

The beats on this record have a versatile selection and all play a role in the overall atmosphere of each track’s approach. From straight up bangers to more subtle and ambient textures, the production value brings out the type of quality that gives Trey room to really emphasize his key points in each song. And keeps his flow consistent with precise balance and composure.

But one thing that makes Trey a true standout on this record is his ability to maintain that underground vibe while still being relevant enough to tackle the mainstream market. His music parallels perfectly with Hip Hop from the iconic 90s era and sensibilities from today’s top charting artists. This record is a must-listen for any avid Hip Hop fan and really brings out the best of Trey in both performance and execution.

Trey never ceases to crush it on his records and Lane 2 Lane is a perfect addition to his discography and legacy. If you’re already a fan, this mixtape will definitely satisfy. If this is your first time discovering him, then you’ll be glad you found this record first. And we at Artist Reach recommend this one fully without reservation.

Lane 2 Lane is currently available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms. You’ll be adding it to your favorites list before the year is out!

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