Career Highlights: Aye Sae

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to Hip Hop, there’s no question that production is one of the genre’s biggest centerpieces. Otherwise the music wouldn’t be possible in the first place and the artists wouldn’t have a foundation.

Producer and elite Beat creator Aye Sae emerging from the Baltimore scene is one of those foundations to the genre, making magic happen for all aspiring artists that wanna delve deep into the world of Rap & Hip Hop. His beat style is not just your run-of-the-mill quick fix or rush job either, he has his own signature touch to some of today’s more recognized beat structures reminiscent of songs from superstars like Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, XXXTENTACION and those of a similar caliber.

He has put together a very solid catalogue of beat samples, remixes and versatile crafting behind the mixing board on several platforms including SoundCloud and YouTube. From straight up bangers, club anthems and laid back ambient beats that show a plethora of diversity, Aye Sae offers up a style that has something for everyone. He can tackle a loud remix, an enchanting R&B melody, or something with that old fashioned underground feel. Regardless, no matter what approach you are going for as an artist in the Rap game, Aye Sae is a visionary when it comes to beat making. And his coherent work is very evident throughout every project he puts out.

Producers are the heart and soul to any artist and their projects, and the studio is a sanctuary when it comes to creating great songs. It’s not an easy feat to create something that hasn’t already been done – but regardless of what approach you take, you can do it well. And the longer you invest yourself into working with and bonding with a producer like Aye Sae, the more promising your project outcome will be. And Aye is definitely one of those creators that can bring his skills to the table for a visceral recording experience, no matter how new or acclaimed you are as an artist.

If you’re an artist diving into Hip Hop, Aye Sae is your draft pick to deliver that magic, that foundation and overall sensation to bringing your tracks to life.

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