Exclusive Review: Promises Kept Collective Presents – “Hey How’s It Going Show”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Comprised of the minds from the Promises Kept Collective, a Media News outlet, presents a platform dedicated to showcasing and interviewing different up and coming artists/creators on their show Hey How’s It Going Show.

Just like us at Artist Reach, this show delves deep into indie artists and content creators looking to get their name out. And it has a very humble and insightful approach with their interview questions, interaction with the guests/artists on their show and really deliver a great demonstration of showcasing and supporting prospective artist careers with a positive vibe.

The host, Brandon Paul Desorcy, is multifaceted and informative with his connection with each guest in his show and quickly bonds with each of them. He gives them the chance to tell their story, talk about their careers and really get to the heart of their prospective passions into their craft. All the while engaging in a fun, vibrant conversations that resonate and connect with the show’s featured guests.

The concept is similar to ours – supporting the up and coming, as well as discovering creators that are looking to add that prominent niche to their artist résumé. And this show does a great job at keeping the guest and the show watchers interested and captivated. And at the end of the show, you are enticed to look more into the artist that was showcased, and take a listen to what these creators have to offer.

The most noteworthy thing about this show is allowing the audience to get to know the artists on a personal level – and this show really embraces that concept in a humble and genuinely fun/informative way. Brandon’s hosting style is charismatic and smart, impactful and insightful, and really makes it all about the music and artists. We can’t recommend his show highly enough. It encompasses a great concept and the intentions that accompany it that makes it the impactful platform it is known for.

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