Artist Review: Himisphere – “Hol’ Up” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Putting out a style of Hip Hop that embraces passion and melody, Himisphere demonstrates great drive and good vibes in his single “Hol’ Up”.

Most Hip Hop fans know the underground is where the magic is made. The artists are authentic, real, write from the heart and showcase their craft as it’s meant to be shown. We get exactly that and so much more with this single.

With a melodic sing-songy style that is very well articulated and multilayered, Himisphere really shines bright with his flow and distinctive mic skills that offers great pacing and structure throughout the song. It has a very vibrant beat with clever additives and keeps you on your feet with its R&B infused chorus and catchy lyrical content. It’s a song that any fan of the Hip Hop and R&B genres can appreciate and has its own versatile spin that makes Himisphere a standout of his kind.

The production value carries a lot of weight with the originality factor and never tries to convolute the song’s execution or outdo itself in any way. There’s great balance and composure, and the eclectic vibe with today’s modernized elements gives this track great stature in its overall feel, and really shows that yesterday’s Hip Hop style and today’s mainstream sensibility can resonate when mixed right. And “Hol’ Up” is a solid demonstration of this.

This is a brilliant track that any true Hip Hop fan can appreciate, and you’ll definitely be enticed to look more into Himisphere‘s catalogue and future releases after listening to this track. The song is currently available on Spotify and other digital music retailers. You’ll be glad you gave this song a listen.

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