Artist Review: FIREMVN – “Electron” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

We get a heavy dose of energy and a futuristic aura with FIREMVN‘s new hybrid dubstep single “Electron”.

This track is one that is ahead of its time. With roaring synths and mysterious vocal narratives, “Electron” is a song that is meant to imply that it’s better to start small than to never start at all. A visual and visceral song about achieving your dreams and keeping your prospects open to everything that is possible. It’s a track that speaks its message instrumentally more than lyrically, and once you take a listen, you can definitely embrace the producer’s passion, perspective and place yourself in FIREMVN‘s shoes.

Each cognitive measure is straight and to the point, and keeps you focused on the climactic production value and brilliant execution of the song. It’s a breed of electronic music that goes far beyond anything contemporary, and provides a plethora of futuristic components that really kicks the genre into overdrive in a new direction.

“Electron” is also a great exercise of dubstep but with the volume knob cranked more than just a wee bit higher. And it fits beautifully. The beat and tempo is more of a flow that resonates with an action movie-like sequence and really creates a hybrid visual aspect to the song that really articulates FIREMVN‘s overall message. It’s very captivating, attention-grabbing and it doesn’t oversell itself in any way. It has timing and duration that satisfies you in full and gets its point across. It’s a track that authenticates FIREMVN‘s craft behind the mixing board and really gives him a signature to his work, and will keep you fixated on other releases he has put out in the past as well as the tricks he will have up his sleeves in the future.

“Electron” is for any avid electronic or EDM listener, and will keep you at the edge of your seat as it plays out. The track’s video dropped on November 4th and is available on YouTube, Spotify and other digital music retailers and streaming platforms. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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