Artist Review: TyGunzzz – “Style Too Hard (Remix)” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Coming at the platform with a swagger Hip Hop and R&B sound with versatile vocal techniques, recording artist TyGunzzz proves that he has what takes to grab the industry’s attention with his single “Style Too Hard (Remix)”.

When taking a listen to this track, we can definitely gather a sense of Ty‘s identity with his musicianship factors that resonate between melodic vocals and songwriting structures. His music is a perfect additive to today’s mainstream sensibility and exhibits the production value needed to showcase his sound effectively, and really delivers a track with authenticity as well as precision.

Utilizing a tastefully melodic nature that is catchy from beginning to end, TyGunzzz delivers up something modern with a reminiscence of yesterday’s old school sound. This remix is innovative, versatile and shows different angles of Ty‘s dynamics behind the mic. The feel-good vibes in this track really gives him the room to deliver up a tasty hook in the forefront of each measure, all the while still attributing lyrics that are well crafted and well executed.

His blend of Hip Hop and hybrid R&B flavors give TyGunzzz a signature sound that is credible, relevant and identifiable. You’ve heard this type of multi-genre approach before, but he puts his own multifaceted touch on it as well as artistic merit in his overall delivery of the song. It’s the perfect track for any Spotify or digital music streaming playlist, and will definitely be up there as one of your favorites before the year is out.

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