Artist Review: Big Kou – “No Rules” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Delivering up a sound that is dynamically catchy and lyrically contagious, we get a track banger of straight swagger from Big Kou‘s fresh new single “No Rules”.

Unlike some other Hip Hop Records that have been sliding through the gate over the past handful of years, we get something straight and to the point with “No Rules”. Delving into a signature sound that combines an old school sensibility with today’s mainstream flavor, Big Kou comes out swinging on this track from beginning to end, and never wavers from the song’s direction.

Kou‘s rhyming techniques are charismatic, witty and carries a flavorful edge to his lyrical approach. He combines a versatile flow with a catchy hook that resonates perfectly as the track plays out. And Kou also proves that sometimes less is more. The track’s short runtime is one of the likable components and doesn’t boast any convoluted or unnecessary additives, the song is perfect with its edge-of-your-seat structure and keeps you interested throughout every measure.

Big Kou is definitely a name you need to look into. His style is innovative, clever and he is more living proof that underground Hip Hop is where the magic is made. You’ll be heatin’ up the streets with this track.

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