Artist Review: JAY’LA – “Come Up” and “Goodbye” Singles

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

By the looks (and sounds) of what rising female Hip Hop and R&B Artist JAY’LA has put out, her prospective future with her charismatic flow and angelic hooks are very promising.

Since emerging from the studio, the rising-starlet released her two debut anchor singles that both showcase different angles of her signature sound, and has left everlasting impressions of avid music listeners since the song’s dropped. And both tracks serve up a sound that is recognizable with a plethora of likability factors.

First thing is JAY’LA‘s versatility – showing a straight up charismatically rhymed banger-style track with atmospheric textures in her single “Come Up”, and the ambience, angelic vocal harmonies and blissful melody arrangements in her R&B-infused second single “Goodbye”, the more emotionally supercharged track of them both.

Both songs carry a familiarity of JAY’LA‘s signature sound and even though both songs have different approaches, her craft and artistic merit are still at the forefront, and showcases her looks and talent appropriately without having to drown her in post production theatrics. This is another major contributing factor – her authenticity. Her ability to really shine through no matter what the approach of the song may be.

Both “Come Up” and “Goodbye” are tracks that really bring out dynamic and multifaceted sides to JAY’LA‘s talent and approach as an artist. And once you take a listen, you’ll be definitely keeping a close eye on her next moves in her music career.

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