Press Release: Recording Artists LUURK & AfterWeLand Set To Collaborate?

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Not to stir up the music industry cauldron or anything, but when it comes to rumors that also feed into our wishful thinking – we tend to take it seriously (and hope like hell that it isn’t a rumor).

So when we heard about the prospects of AfterWeLand (pictured left) and LUURK (pictured right) collaborating on some new musical fusion, our cognitive human antennas went up. We had to know more. And thanks to us having some really good semi-connections that have Freudian slips every now and then when we speak to them – we can confidently provide more information.

But is this legit information, or reckless speculation? Is our personal hopes of this collaboration happening influencing what we are writing or altering our judgment? While those questions can be pondered, one thing is for sure, we managed to grab a name for this collab. But first, for those who don’t know, we’ll give you some insight into the artists possibly involved. As the reality is, even though a name of the project has surfaced, the confirmation of the artists is still in musical purgatory.

LUURK (Alexander “Sasha” Conway) and AfterWeLand (Nicklaus Grassett, known from the band In Finding Way), the two rumored artists, have apparently come together to form a band that is equally visceral as it is musical, and this isn’t loosely depicted or to be taken lightly. Under the name idkanymore, the band has already put together an array of social media accounts with subtle and ominous hints of what/who is involved. Regardless, the anticipation surrounding the prospective project has been apparent, and both LUURK and AfterWeLand have declined to comment at this time. Followed by a wink-faced emoji.

After digging through the social media platforms of the upcoming project, we managed to find some hidden gems. The first thing is an official band logo (shown above), and secondly – we found some music. Which led us to the firm belief that LUURK & AfterWeLand Are begins the project, due to its versatile and next level sound. The project is rumored to be slated as an official entity for 2019, as its creators are still unknown. However we are going to share the musical/social links of the (rumored) artists, as well as the idkanymore profiles, to see if you agree with who we think are the masterminds behind the project. Either way, this is definitely an innovative project that is already grabbing the attention of the industry circuit, and 2019 is gonna go off with a bang once it is completely unveiled.

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