Artist Review: Bryvvn – “Shinigami” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

From a versatile selection of catchy hooks and lyrical swagger, recording artist Bryvvn proves that he’s on his game with his newest LP Shinigami.

One thing that really stands out about this album is the atmosphere. There are track bangers, ambient and subtle anthems, as well as others that fit between the elements of Hip Hop and R&B sensibilities. And that’s what Shinigami offers up on this collection of tracks – the best of both worlds and the landscapes that cover different ends of the album’s universe.

Bryvvn‘s rhyming style is witty and wordsmithy, keeping his content well tamed and never tries to outdo himself. His hooks have great melody structures and his verses are appropriate for the aura of each track. And even though the tracks have a broad range of stylistic beats and genre fringing, he always remains consistent and lets you know that he’s at the driver’s seat no matter which direction each track is heading.

Another standout about Shinigami is – there’s something for everyone. The multifaceted swaying between Hip Hop and R&B is magnetic and enigmatic – and most of all, effective. We get to hear different angles of Bryvvn‘s vocal textures and approaches and he never goes off the charts with it. He keeps his balance and composure, all the while bringing his vocal abilities to the forefront to showcase his artistic merit. You can hear the same artist in every track without the overuse of feature artists drowning him out.

If you’re looking for the next underground/indie record that also fits in with today’s mainstream standards, then Shinigami is an album you’ll be more than happy you discovered. It’s currently available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms, as well as Bryvvn‘s social media networks.

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