Artist Review: Snow White – “I’m Not Really Suicidal, Please Stop Asking Me If I’m Okay” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Encompassing lyrical content that is ominously dark and visceral, we get an array of emotions from Snow White‘s catchy and controversial single “I’m Not Really Suicidal, Please Stop Asking Me If I’m Okay”.

Once you get passed the unusually long and straight-forward song title, you begin to delve deeper into a very talented and well-crafted lyricist that has musicianship qualities that are redeeming and refreshing. Utilizing his gifted mix-ranged voice that is pretty much designated for the Hip Hop genre, Snow White projects a rhythmic rhyming technique that flows well, conveying lyrical content that is cleverly structured and unwaveringly thought provoking. His catchy hooks and bars are tracked diligently over a beat that is ambient, atmospheric and leaves you anticipated with what he puts out next; and that’s one of Snow White‘s biggest components – the ability to grab your attention and reel you in.

And we say that with the utmost respect. This track touches on some very all-too-real content that most artists would shy away from or project more under the surface. But Snow White holds nothing back with this track and truly pieces together something that is effective, compelling and eclectic in its overall delivery. It’s an execution of real emotions with real musicianship factors that parallel each other quite convincingly, and you can’t help but think about the overall message of the song. Is it a cautionary tale? A spilling of dark thoughts and unresolved inner demons? Most likely all of the above, and it’s done very well.

Snow White‘s vocal approach is definitely not run-of-the-mill by any means. He’s got an insatiably undeniable knack for putting together an effective set of clever punchlines, passionate rhymes and a crisp vocal delivery that ties it all together. This is a track that will make you think, and perhaps catch you in your darkest moments. It’s hauntingly original, captivating and ethereal. But no matter what angle you perceive from this song, in the end – it’s completely real. And you’ll find yourself listening to this track several times and finding a new way to relate to it. It just sticks with you, even after the song is over.

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