Artist Review: STEEL – “World War 3 (Me VS My Past)” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Savannah, Georgia-based Hip Hop/Rap recording artist STEEL (real name Jeremy Lanard Hagan) is no stranger to the game, and has been a vital voice in the Hip Hop movement since he began hitting the ground running during his inception into the market. And since the release of his powerfully versatile and self-reflective EP, World War 3 (Me VS My Past), he has amassed an insatiably loyal fan base and credible internet presence that has brought him to new heights and promising prospects for the future.

Delving into hypnotic signature rhyming techniques that are clever, witty and attention-grabbing with it’s compelling expressions of his content, World War 3 is a very crucial contribution to today’s Rap/Trap music world and the many scenes and music fans that surround its notoriety. The production value is top notch, the content is effective without using repeated or recycled shortcuts, and STEEL delivers a passionate vocal performance that is compelling and leaves you on the edge of your seat throughout every track.

Best part about WW3 is the precision and authenticity of the EP. There are no post-production theatrics that distract you from STEEL‘s vocal approach and he remains true to his overall signature sound that is consistent with relevance, validity and multifaceted mic skills. It’s a record that sets itself apart from almost anything you’ve already heard and the tracks also resonate with each other as they play out from track one til the very end. It’s a record with staying power; songs with the ability to stay with you even after the EP is over. Something to brag about to your friends and add to your favorites list in the Hip Hop realm, no matter what kind of style you listen to that resonates with the genre.

The beats are ambient, hypnotic, anthemic and very effective once put together most effectively. And this is another major component of bringing out the best of STEEL‘s multifaceted skills behind the mic. This is a record that encompasses both originality and familiarity that touches on diligent musicianship. The record is currently available on SpinRilla, and the artist also has a book released with the same title as the EP currently available on Amazon. These will easily become one of your favorite releases before the year is over.

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