Artist Review: Aleks Ander – “Faut Partir” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Taking on an innovative and modern approach to the Pop genre, Paris-based rising solo artist Aleks Ander proves that he is a force to be reckoned with in his newest single “Faut Partir”.

With very impressive mid-ranged vocals and melodic melody placements, Aleks brings the strongest components of his craft right to the forefront with this single in many effective ways. Accompanied by a very cinematically colorful music video, Aleks comes out swinging from the very first measure of the song with his unwavering passion, and never wavers from the track’s dynamic and visceral aura both musical and visually; giving the listener experience the full package of what “Faut Partir” offers up.

His admirably clean vocal tones are comprised of very versatile harmonies and strong lyrical projections of his native French language. But the best part is – you don’t need to be fluent in French to hear how dynamic Aleks is with his melodically crafted hooks and songwriting structures. His strongest musicianship factors are the centerpiece of this track and really showcase his passion for singing and putting together a track that is ambient, atmospheric and contagiously catchy.

This is a brilliant song and video for all who already know Aleks Ander, and an even bigger treat for those who haven’t discovered him yet. It’ll definitely have you delving deeper into his catalogue, career, and future prospects. “Faut Partir” is currently available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms, and we honestly can’t recommend this song highly enough. You’ll be more than happy you gave it a listen.

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