Artist Review: Nick Barrett – “E-Motion” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s rare that we run into a truly versatile artist with his own craft and signature sound. Nick Barrett‘s newest EP E-Motion is a visceral experience that is hypnotic, and almost completely ahead of its time.

Comprised of tracks that showcase different angles of Nick‘s artistic merit as a recording artist, we get a front row to the edge of our seat with each track from E-Motion, and there are several reasons why. First and foremost, the originality and familiarity aspect with the perfect balance and composure between the two. We get a style that is recognizable, identifiable, but completely original in its own right. Nick articulated his voice masterfully with a mid to high range that gives him the breathing room to select very effective melody choices, and really ties together his electronically infused approach with a sense of validity that is next level and charismatic. He never fails to grab your attention throughout each measure.

The production value is right where it needs to be, and emphasizes Nick‘s strongpoints throughout the EP’s duration. It’s a standout of its caliber and really resonates as a wholesome chemistry even though each track has a different aura and visceral approach. His vocal harmonies are intriguing and bring out a futuristic feel, something that could possibly be completely ahead of its time. But most of all, relevant and valid. And that’s what makes E-Motion the gem that it really is.

The EP is currently available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms. This will capture your attention and raise your eyebrows from the very first listen, and will have you coming back to listen again and again. It’s a timeless EP that gives you anticipation for Nick Barrett‘s future releases, as well as prospects in his career altogether.

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