Artist Review: Young G Works – “NO CAP (Push It) feat. Damedot and Ace Cino”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Possibly delivering up one of the most effective crisscrosses between old school and today’s Hip Hop sensibility, Young G Works comes out swinging with his single “NO CAP (Push It) feat. Damedot and Ace Cino” and puts a new visceral edge to the genre completely.

Starting out with a Run-DMC-esque beat style that immediately grasps at your attention, this track comes at you full force with its charisma and witty rhyming techniques. As opposed to most artists trying to be subtle in their vocal approach, we get the complete opposite. Young G Works throws it down on this track and really delves into lyrical skills that are unwaveringly impressive and versatile.

One focal point is the song’s likability factors, as well as the resonating of different eras of Hip Hop. This song brings back the old school charm to the modern era and really puts a new emphasis and wholeness to the genre’s approach. With verses that cruise and never fall short, you just can’t help but bob your head to the song and raise your eyebrows. It has a very multifaceted nature and upbeat aura that truly brings out the authentic talents of Young G and the feature artists. It’s a bumping’ track that’ll have your hands in the air and the roof raising, and the production value doesn’t overstretch itself to unprecedented territories. It’s kept more simple, more focused on the lyrical forefront to really showcase Young G‘s masterful play on words and entertainingly fierce approach to the vocal execution.

If you miss old school, you’ll love this. If you love today’s mainstream chart-toppers, you’ll love this even more. Young G brings originality and familiarity to new heights with this song, and is impossible to dislike. You’ll be more than happy you discovered this banger.

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