Artist Review: Late Niiitez – “No Manners” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With witty rhyming techniques and an ethereal flow that is passionate and unwaveringly real, California Bay Area-based rising rapper Late Niiitez comes out the gate swinging with his newest banger “No Manners”.

Released as the anticipated follow-up to his previous smash single “Bacardi Summer”, which received positive reception and critical acclaim that garnered the artist to hit the ground running on Spotify, this track is very versatile with a beat structure that is multifaceted, yet simple enough to stay completely relevant and showcase Late Niiitez effectively and compellingly. The song has strongly executed verses of very visceral measures that are a standout of their kind that definitely proves LN‘s skill sets behind the mic are anything but ordinary.

Hip hop fans know that the true magic is made with the underground and indie up and comers, and “No Manners” is additional proof of this without reservation. His flow is charismatic, but not overdone. He stays consistent with his balance in composure when it comes to presenting his hooks and bars. His mid-ranged vocal tones are an attention-grabber and really latch on to a signature style that delves into equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listeners a taste of something fresh but still recognizable and identifiable. LN definitely knows how to resonate with his fans, and that’s one of his focal points – he knows how to put on a strong first impression and keep you interested, and musically fascinated.

“No Manners” is one of the anchor singles from Late Niiitez‘ upcoming debut album Insomniiia, slated for release in 2019. This is the type of single that will entice you to grab a copy of the album and hear the rest of what LN has up his sleeve. A great builder of suspense and anticipation. Once you take a listen to this single, you’ll be itching for the album just like we at Artist Reach are. So give “No Manners” a listen, no excuses. You’ll thank us later. You’re welcome.

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