Press Release: While Government Shutdowns, SMH Crew Member and Artist Solo Gears Up To Release His Inspirational Pro-Immigration Track “No Walls No War”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to delivering a powerful message about issues in our country that are all too real, Solo, member of music collective The SMH Crew, not only understands the issues at hand, but brings it to the forefront effectively. And that’s what he is all about with his upcoming pro-immigration anthem “No Walls No War”. A powerful, compelling track and message about the problems surrounding immigration, and the personal fight that has effected him personally.

Inspired by real life situations surrounding close friends and loved ones that have faced deportation first hand and fought for their right for citizenship, “No Walls No War” touches on the hardships of facing the possibility of being politically ejected from your rights and freedom in the US. A place where many immigrants today have flourished in communities, worked jobs, created jobs, made their communities a better place to live, and continue to do so; all with the conflict of the possibility of unjustly losing it all due to some trivial stipulation such as an issue with a driver’s license or all around minor infractions, and the injustice surrounding it.

The song inspires to not only fight for the cause of sustaining legal immigration, but also to put an end to border conflicts and the danger of families and children desperately trying to keep their status as an immigrant and not be thrown back into poverty stricken situations. Solo and The SMH Crew, who also founded the non-profit group TodoGucci Org, really bring this issue to light and have created a song that truly tells a story that has had direct impact involving the issue of immigration and the unjustly circumstances that have been witnessed first hand.

The track will be available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms, and can currently be pre-saved on Spotify by going here:

There is also a GoFundMe campaign of the same name, No Walls No War Pro-Immigration Awareness and Aide. We highly encourage everyone to help this cause, you can visit the page here:

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