Artist Review: Skyla Mac – “Mactober” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Versatile, driven, and the perfect mix of a classic Hip Hop sound and today’s mainstream sensibility, rising rapper Skyla Mac hits the streets hard with his 16-track LP Mactober.

It’s quite refreshing to hear an album with a larger number of tracks that successfully maintains a signature sound. After a swift and ominous intro, Skyla Mac comes out swinging with this album that puts fresh, dynamic Hip Hop on the table with that classic 90s-era approach we all came to know and love. It garners a perfect mix of yesterday and today, and many factors contribute to this album.

First thing is the multifaceted lyrical content. It has hooks and bars that are more straightforward and clever, rather than poorly executed punchlines in an attempt to stretch the boundaries of what real Hip Hop has always stood for. Mactober doesn’t beat around the bush though, this album has great production value, hypnotic beats with R&B elements in effective areas, and a freshly colorful flow that gives Skyla Mac a stable ground that walks among originality and familiarity.

This album has an array of vibes from subtle feel good tracks to straight street bangers, but nothing out of place or fundamentally off. This album walks a great path and showcases Skyla Mac‘s vocal approach in many different angles that allows you to grasp his talent in whole, and utilized in many different moods among the tracks. It’s one of those albums with a classic feel to it where you don’t have to skip over one track. It all ties in together and makes a swell concoction when listened to in its entirety.

If I could describe Mactober in three words: real Hip Hop. Without the bullsh*t. An album that isn’t convoluted with post production theatrics or one trick pony methods. Fans of real Hip Hop will absolutely love Mactober. The album is available now on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms. You’ll thank us for sending you.

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