Artist Spotlight: Cloudy Wingz

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

The simple thought that one man’s dream could become a brand that appeals to the masses all while resisting a generic story, a generic sound, and generic success is what started Cloudy Wingz‘ journey.

From a business perspective, the action behind the thought mixed with many failed attempts is what helped create more opportunities for Cloudy to continue to evolve and innovate. This type of mind positioning will ensure his longevity, instead of becoming just a flash in the pan. Or even worse, another statistic. With that being said; Cloudy Wingz has enormous interpersonal intelligence. His strategy is focused on maintaining good relationships and building bridges, but with the right people at the right time and for the right reasons. In other words, having pointless conversation is not in his plans. Although his current music, business, and personal strategies reflect positive goals, his past is something to be highly feared and respected.

Overall, Cloudy’s track record shows an intuitive understanding that has been uniquely applied, but let’s not forgot that most of his knowledge is self-taught. He has disrupted traditional ways of self-branding and self-made entrepreneurship in the music industry. This young man could teach a master class in long-term business branding. Other rappers and entrepreneurs could learn from his music as well as the backstory that has helped him fly to the top.

He’s an entrepreneur in every sense with multiple businesses including his newly formed ATM machine corporation “Quick Hit LLC” and his widely known online store Cloudy’s Emporium ( He’s even an early investor in some now huge companies. But at the end of the day, he’s a very talented rapper who deserves to be heard. So go buy or stream Cloudy Wingz‘ new single “Get Paid” We’d also like to congratulate him on his new found marriage to medical professional, Tiffany Jenelle Garcia!

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