Press Release: Grey Smith Gears Up To Release His Upcoming EP “Ghost Notes” On 2/1/19

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Honing his craft with a signature sound comprised of anthemic beats, spacey vibes and versatile rhyming structures through a series of hypnotic bars and measures, Hip Hop artist Grey Smith gears up to release his upcoming EP Ghost Notes.

The songs on this upcoming record are an innovative welcoming into 2019 with its modernized and multifaceted qualities that parallel both performance and production value. They are viscerally melancholic tracks with an electronically infused edge that showcases Grey‘s artistic merit through melodic use of ambient beats in an atmospheric aura. His mid-ranged voice is clean, smooth and glides through verses with diligent lyrical punchlines that are equally captivating as they are thought provoking.

One of the key components of Ghost Notes is the EP’s consistency. There is a glistening vibe through every instrumental and really delves into a space-like realm that delivers up a unique modern twist to today’s Hip Hop era. The approach is fascinating, effective and nostalgic. But definitely sustains an essence of familiarity as well as originality. It’s the right direction for today’s Hip Hop and Grey really puts together a tasty chemistry that’ll help guide the way.

Ghost Notes is slated for release on February 1st, 2019, and will be available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms. Mark your calendars, you’ll be glad you did.

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