Artist Review: Way-Z – “Together (feat. Trace The Kid)” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. And Hip Hop artist Way-Z (along with Feature artist Trace The Kid) deliver a compelling message with the upbeat single “Together”, a song dedicated to their unrelenting respect for their hometown community.

The song is very clever with the lyrical narratives. Accompanied by an eye-catching lyric video, there is dialogue between both artists in between the verses that sets the stage for what we’re about to hear. The beat is hypnotic and multifaceted, a perfect foundation for the charismatic rhyming techniques that both artists showcase in each bar and verse. One notable factor is the very poised and ambient chorus. The melody choices are visceral, and the execution is nostalgic. Feature artist Trace The Kid carries his voice diligently throughout this track and “Together” is a versatile showcase of his talent with different angles that brings his musicianship factors to the forefront, and it never disappoints.

The most notable components to this track is the lyrical content and the message behind it. With top notch production value that gives a lot of life to this track, it’s the perfect parallel to the authenticity of Way-Z‘s signature style as well. The track easily has hit song sensibilities and I can definitely see this single going to bigger places with the right PR behind it to push it up to bigger prospects. It’s worthy of mainstream marketing. This track also has staying power – the power to stay with you after it’s over. Which is indicative of earning a classic-status with this single.

Overall, “Together” is an inspirational and relatable track that just about anyone can resonate with. This single is compellingly catchy as well, on top of everything else that makes this track an absolute gem. The song is currently available on digital music retailers and streaming platforms. You won’t regret taking a listen – you’ll be hooked from the first listen.

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