Artist Review: Dizillian – “Tonight” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Some songs grab you from the very second it starts. The voice, vibes, and all around aura just has a way of enticing you to pay your undivided attention to a song, producer or artist you’ve never heard before. Dizillian‘s anthemic single “Tonight” is one of those songs.

Originally hailing from the San Jose and California music scene, the current Utah-based producer brings a glistening feel to this single with undeniable melody choices by not only the music on its own, but the featured female vocalist as well. The song’s stylization to this ambient pop/dance track is reminiscent of current industry stars like Dua Lipa, while the vocal approach itself carries a torch similar to other artist industry heavyweights like Selena Gomez and others of a similar caliber. But altogether, Dizillian holds his own on solid ground and will be a name we will all be hearing about much more often in the producer’s field. The song’s production quality is right where it needs to be, giving Dizillian an innovative and extraordinary signature sound that immediately shines a light on his artistic merit.

The vocal range on this track is not only impressive and versatile, but is utilized in a way that makes this track’s structure a mainstream-worthy one that could easily be seen on today’s Billboard figures. The energetic and creative breakdown after the verses really raises the eyebrows of the listener and really puts “Tonight” on a pedestal that makes it sincerely unwaveringly catchy and hip swaying. The rhythmic textures with all the correctly placed post production sequences really add an element that is not only unexpectedly dynamic, but charismatically distinctive as well. This is a song that can’t be mistaken for anything else, it holds its own in every way both melody-wise and production-wise. It has unrelenting musicianship factors, a perfectly crafted melody section, and flavors that leave a taste that can’t be mistaken for anything else.

“Tonight” could easily be a chart topper and club anthem, the only problem is, due to its relatively short run time, you’ll never get enough of this song. Easy solution, put it on repeat. We already have. “Tonight” is the type of track that will entice you to check more into Dizillian‘s catalogue, both past, present and future. Because this is a name (and track) that will have you following this producer’s work relentlessly. Once you take a listen to this track yourself, you’ll see and hear exactly why.

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