Exclusive Review: Danxx Twinz – “Space Suite” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

If you dig undeniably catchy hooks and have an insatiable hunger for precise melody choices and vibrant musicianship factors, then the LA-based Hip Hop and R&B dynamic duo Danxx Twinz will immediately set off your radar as a must-listen. Originally hailing from the Chicago metropolitan scene area and comprised of recording artist Lit Vicious and mixing master 6k The Producer, the duo began hitting the ground running in the music spectrum in 2018 and have garnered a buzz that has the brothers climbing their way up the industry ladder at a fast pace with no intentions of slowing down; and this is fully demonstrated in their highly ambitious new smash single “Space Suite”.

Comprised of solid rhythmic tones in the track’s consistent beat structure complimented by eyebrow raising vocal melodies, “Space Suite” encompasses a futuristic aura in its post-production textures with a signature sound that shares reminiscences of old school Hip Hop vibes, something that solidifies this track with very innovative angles of both equal parts originality and familiarity; giving their fans a fresh listening experience blended with a perfect dose of nostalgia. The melodic vocals are not only intelligently crafted, but contagiously catchy as well. The witty lyrical outbursts and versatile rhyming techniques really carry the torch perfectly over a beat as solid as the one this track offers in particular, showcasing the precision in songwriting that is not only consistently present throughout the track’s duration, but the attentiveness to detail as well. With 6k The Producer at the helm of the engineer’s chair teamed up with the crafty and charismatic vocal talent of Lit Vicious laying down the measures as a collective unit, it’s songs like “Space Suite” that truly demonstrates the hit making abilities the Danxx Twinz really have.

This single is not only a perfect club banger and radio charter, but also an anthemic stand-alone single that demonstrates the passion for music that is relentlessly presented between the Danxx Twinz as artists and creators. If this is your first time checking them out, you’ll definitely be enticed to delve deeper into their career and catalogue since their inception and formation. “Space Suite” is currently available on all major music media outlets including Apple Music, Spotify, and others. Pick this one up, and you’ll be adding it to your favorites list in no time.

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