Exclusive Review: N’la – “Written In Tears” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

There’s nothing better than a well-written indie feel good song with a nostalgic female lead, and Swedish recording artist N’la delivers in full with her newest crafty single “Written In Tears”.

Honing a sound that feels like a crossbreed of Björk and Natalie Merchant, N’la‘s soft and versatile mid-to-high range vocals carry this song completely. The beat is very subtle with the use of simple yet effective marimba-style keyboards, giving the forefront/spotlight completely over to N’la where she can shine bright. And the simplicity of this track is what makes it brilliant, because it demonstrates that N’la relies more on writing effective melody choices more than post production theatrics. In which she does so on this song perfectly, drawing us in with a memorable chorus that is effective and dynamic.

The production value is right where it needs to be. It’s simple, subtle and doesn’t try reaching territories where the style gets lost in translation. Its tender approach to match N’la‘s tender and ambient voice is perfectly aligned, giving us a song that is highly unique and catchy as ever. It sounds like a track that is already famous, but you can’t put your finger on who the artist is. It just has that mainstream sound you swear you’ve heard somewhere throughout your day, and if this song makes it to the hands of the right people in the industry, then N’la will have big things on the horizon. “Written In Tears” is a song that’ll be very hard to get out of your head after you listen to it – it has staying power that very few songs have, and after taking a listen yourself, you’ll see and hear exactly why.

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