Exclusive Review: Ruby Rayo – “Joker” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

With insatiably catchy hooks, a versatile vocal range and production skills to top it all off, UK’s Ruby Rayo is no joke when it comes to her recent anchor single, “Joker”.

At only 19 years old, Ruby has been writing and producing her own music for the past year and so far has been hitting the ground running. Since mastering her craft behind the vocal booth and mixing board, she has manifested a signature sound that encompasses a visceral balance of pop and EDM styles that share equal parts originality and familiarity. And “Joker” is a perfect reflection of this sound. Based off the DC comic Batman series character, with a driving digital beat and synthesizers that give this track a unique 80s texture, Ruby‘s melody choices are one of the biggest standouts on this song and it really showcases her vocal range very effectively. The chorus is undeniably catchy and it really demonstrates Ruby‘s songwriting ability and attentiveness to detail.

The mix is diligently crafted and puts all of the important details out into the forefront. There’s no unnecessary post-production theatrics that take you away from the song and Ruby‘s vocals carry the torch from the very beginning and throughout the song’s duration. It gives you an interest and intrigue that makes you wonder what else this young artist is capable of, and will definitely entice you to keep tabs on what she comes out with next. Especially because Ruby wears many hats, including the producer’s, which is a rare feat with most young female artists. Her ability to put together a solid mix is very present on “Joker” and really shows us many different angles of her talents both behind the vocal booth and mixing board brilliantly.

“Joker” is more of an anthem rather than just a song, and really has the potential to grab the attention of the industry at large. Her vocal abilities, knowledge behind the scenes and persona as an artist and creator showcases Ruby strongly and makes her a standout of her caliber. And once you take a listen to “Joker” yourself, you’ll see (and hear) exactly why. You’ll definitely be hearing more about her in the very recent future, and she’ll be a name you won’t forget.

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