Exclusive Review: La Sinclair – “La Golden” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

When it comes to vibe, ambience and atmosphere, La Sinclair‘s newest single “La Golden” absolutely delivers in full. And will immediately grab you by your senses.

Based on an advocacy for the legalization of hemp and delving into its usage as a potential cure, this positively visceral and uplifting R&B/Pop-oriented single has style and resonance that has a uniqueness that makes it something completely authentic in its own right. Featuring seductive and hauntingly ominous verses, La Sinclair‘s Spanish vocals are lustful, precise, and addictive. Her vocal range is an immediate standout and this song gives her the perfect amount of breathing room to really showcase her vocals. While you can hear some very authentic 90s R&B influences in this track, it also serves up a modern makeover that puts it into a perfect position for the 2020s; giving a nod to both yesterday and today’s modern music eras with a perfect balancing of both equal parts originality and familiarity, encompassing the audience with a feeling of nostalgia and something completely fresh.

The production value on “La Golden” is right where it needs to be and doesn’t outdo itself whatsoever. It lets La Sinclair shine through every measure while taking in an electronic beat that shares groove and resonance, adding not only charm, but effectiveness and thoroughness as well. It’s honestly something you have to hear to believe.

“La Golden” is currently available on all mainstream music downloading platforms and online. We can’t recommend this single highly enough.

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