Exclusive Review: Capo Corleone & B. Gullie – “Paid” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky & Bethany Stephenson

Capo Corleone and B. Gullie began hitting the ground running when they emerged onto the scene with their single “Don’t Play”, the first track and teaser to their upcoming collab EP ‘Hawallywood’. After that single generated a street buzz and critical acclaim throughout the Hip Hop scene, the dynamic duo followed up with their second single “Paid”, which is also gonna be featured on their upcoming EP as well, and continues to showcase both rappers as a force to be reckoned with.

“Paid”, a song for the hustlers and dreamers that bring home those large paychecks every Friday after a long week of hard work, is a brilliantly nostalgic throwback to 90s Hip Hop with a sound reminiscent to industry heavyweights like Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg and G-Funk, but also brings a fresh signature sound to the table with ambient beats and rhythmic vocal melodies that could easily fit into today’s class of chart toppers like Wiz Khalifa and Drake. But all that aside, Capo and Gullie are a duo that completely standout on their own with incredibly versatile lyrics that showcase both rappers with razor sharp cleverness and authenticity.

This track’s beat is on a whole other level. It has a vibe that combines both energy and subtlety that really compliments the melody-driven chorus and utilizes a tone that really lends itself to the message portrayed throughout the track’s duration. Both rappers have unrelenting skills behind the mic and do not succumb to cookie cutter antics or recycled ideas. Capo and Gullie mean business with this track, and really share the spotlight in a way that really balances the song out in a way that gets you to understand them both lyrically and authentically. It’s a track that will definitely heighten the anticipation of what the rest of the EP has in store, and once you take a listen to “Paid” for yourself, you’ll see (and hear) exactly why. Their EP drops on May 29th and will be available online and all music streaming outlets. You’ll be more than glad you gave this one a listen.

Listen to the single:

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