Exclusive Review: Terry Blade – “Misery” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Hailing from the cityscape of Chicago, artist/singer Terry Blade brings a fresh new voice for today’s new generation in the form of many tasteful genre blends. His debut album ‘Misery’ is not only a gem, but an array of emotions especially when listened in headphones. It’s a journey and experience that really encompasses his craft and ultimately raises the bar for solo artists of his caliber, and this 6-track record is direct proof.

Touching on personal and realistic themes of sexuality, sensuality and mental health, Terry‘s baritone voice is a very distinctive and effective approach to the ambient song structures and lyrical content in every measure. With a dynamic vocal style reminiscent to industry greats like Sam Smith, opening acoustic track “The Unloveable” is a powerful start to this record and really captures Terry‘s versatility in both vocal melodies and precision. Meanwhile “The Mentally Ill” provides a subtle and atmospheric beat that showcases different angles of Terry‘s vocal ability as well as 2-3 part multifaceted harmonies. “The Widow” is a beautiful piano-driven song with several soothing vocal layers that really draw you into the song and a signature R&B sound that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; hinting at elements of 90s and today’s more recent chart topping figures among the genre.

Closing track “Tick Tock (The Lonely)” has a very clever doo-wop style intro that leads into a very smooth bass-driven melody with electronic touches that really delves into a deep range of emotional layers. This song, just like the others, is the type of song you can feel from both the production style and vocal content equally. Its subtlety is at times mysterious but always leads you to a place that gets you to connect with Terry Blade on that next level you seldom hear with other artists. And that’s what makes ‘Misery’ so effective – its power to bring you to a place of emotion and artistic merit, which shines brightly through every song via Terry‘s voice. This is an album that needs to be heard to be believed. It’s currently available online and all music streaming outlets.

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