Exclusive Review: KiNg EmErY – “Hail KiNg EmErY” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

There’s some serious street heat coming out of the south right now. Coming out the gate armed with his debut album ‘Hail KiNg EmErY’, Dallas-based Rapper/Hip Hop artist KiNg EmErY has been hitting the ground running since his inception, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Conjuring a versatile signature sound that encompasses elements of R&B, Trap, EDM and Indie Hip Hop, KiNg EmErY‘s innovative style combines clever lyrical outbursts, sing-songy hooks and smooth vocal transitions that brings out a perfect balance of originality and familiarity; giving the listener a nostalgic callback to old school Rap and today’s more modern textures. With an arsenal of 35 tracks on this album, there’s something on this record for everyone. With several feature artists on this debut album including Aud Rigo, N’Less Fee, Karrma, Johnny From The Block, Drippazay, DeuceDev and several others, the album brings a fresh flow of diversity from start to finish with a vast array of talent contributing to several tracks.

Songs like “Freedom” and “W.W.Y.D.” are dynamically visceral, ambient, and showcase a progressive approach to the album that continues throughout the album’s duration, which gives it charm you rarely hear in today’s Hip Hop. Straight bangers like “Aggressive” and “Hella Bitches” bring a cohesive energy that really adds to the overall flavor to the record, and are catchy and fun – perfect for the club scene and any bass-driven car system

‘Hail KiNg EmErY’ is an effective and accessible record that you’ll be putting on your playlists and favorites list from the very first listen. The album is currently available online and all digital music streaming platforms everywhere.

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