Exclusive Review: Oh Well – “Us” Single

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Very few artists in this day and age can conjure up an unrelentingly powerful first impression quite like Chicago-based artist Oh Well. Coming out the gate with the new single “Us”, this song not only encompasses a signature style that is energy-driven and versatile, but a boat load of musicianship factors as well; allowing Oh Well to shine in all their glory throughout this single’s duration.

This anti-pop banger is loaded with an onslaught of in-your-face vocals that project a powerful delivery in Hip Hop that is rarely heard. It’s also a track that encapsulates a true knack for passion and making sure the listener doesn’t walk away unsatisfied; showcasing an innovative edge that balances equal parts originality and familiarity. “Us” has multifaceted angles of different genre blends that lend a razor sharp edge to an otherwise contemporary sound including touches of Rock and Reggae, which Oh Well ultimately incorporates brilliantly. Overall, this track brings some of the freshest ideas to a mainstream Hip Hop style, and it’s honestly a mind-blow that this song hasn’t topped the charts yet. The anticipation to hear the material they have up their sleeves after this song is absolutely riveting, and once you take a listen to “Us” yourself, you’ll understand exactly why.

“Us” is available now on YouTube and other digital music platforms. Be sure to follow Oh Well to keep tabs on upcoming events and releases.

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