Exclusive Review: St. Geo – “Like Belly” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

There’s some serious heat coming off this single. Packed full of swagger, confidence and a powerfully upbeat approach, Hip Hop artist St. Geo comes out swinging with his newest hit single “Like Belly”.

Attributed to the 1998 film (Belly), “Like Belly” is the second single from St. Geo‘s highly anticipated upcoming album ‘Stomach’. This melodic track is vibrant, upbeat and really showcases Geo‘s eclectic sing-songy lyrical formula and signature style. His charismatic and highly projected voice really carries the verses through smooth and solid bars, while crafting the chorus around a more subtle approach with melody choices that are catchy and authentic; lending an R&B texture that ties perfectly into the rest of the track altogether and really delves into St. Geo‘s artistic merit.

The production value is right where it needs to be and never outdoes itself in any way. This single hits home for almost any hip hop fan and is easily accessible to the mainstream market, but can still be appreciated throughout the underground scene as well. It balances originality and familiarity, giving the listener a sense of something fresh and identifiable; making “Like Belly” a standout of its caliber. This track will definitely entice you to check out St. Geo‘s catalogue of releases, including his upcoming album. You can’t go wrong with this song. The single is currently available on Spotify and all digital music streaming platforms.

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