Exclusive Review: Neoborn Caveman – “Where Is The Direction” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Neoborn Caveman’s single “Where Is The Direction”

With catchy guitar riffs, thought-provoking lyrics and integral artistic merit, Rock recording artist Neoborn Cavemen proves that his signature sound is a major standout of the genre with his anthemic single, “Where Is The Direction”.

This song kicks a whole lot of ass, and absolutely takes no prisoners. The mid-pickup power chord intro is powerful, wholesome and really pumps up the anticipation of where this song is heading. After the pounding rhythm section kicks off, it’s off to the races. This heavier Rock-infused track has a driving tempo, strong chord progressions and low-to-mid range vocal melodies that really adds versatility to the song’s overall execution. The production value is right where it needs to be and never outdoes itself in any way. It’s a dynamically punchy mix that diligently showcases the melodic guitar work, smooth bass lines and arena-style drum tones.

This song also has a nostalgic 80s influence that any Rock fan will appreciate; boasting a unique crossover of sounds reminiscent to industry heavyweights like The Scorpions, The Cure and David Bowie. The vocal melodies are very effective in the chorus and really ties the song together in a way that really shows off the songwriting ability. Each instrument is tightly knit together, the lyrics are passionately driven, and the immersive and energetic approach makes this song a powerful listening experience.

“Where Is The Direction” is one of many solid tracks off Neoborn‘s album ‘The Break-Up Therapy’. A genre-bending album that takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride of positive energy and artistic flavors through the love of music and creation. You can listen to “Where Is The Direction” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us for recommending this one.

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