Writer’s Choice: Mad Man Smooth – “Despotism (feat. Loso Westcrook)” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky & Dave Welsh

Cover Art for Mad Man Smooth’s newest single “Despotism”

We’re bringing to you this month’s Writer’s Choice, where we as journalists pick one artist to showcase of our choosing based on the quality of the content, and the direction of the musician. And for June, we are stoked to welcome back Mad Man Smooth (aka Doc Madnezz) with his newest politically charged banger “Despotism” (feat. Loso Westcrook), a powerful song about the realization of who we are as a society, the conflicts that bind us, and the message of unity to combat hate with love.

This song delves deep into the political spectrum and today’s more convoluted problems within the system, and what we as people can do to become self aware and be part of the solution. The lyrical outbursts of this track are anthemic, wholesome, and speaks out to realism on a whole new level that gets us to think a little harder, and dive into ourselves deeper when it comes to unity. The beat in this song has an intense sense of anticipation and really kicks into overdrive in the intro, leading into high energy verses that are attention-grabbing and eyebrow-raising. The immersive bars and hooks are cleverly executed, telling a story that is all too real and asks questions that are all too relevant. MMS‘s passion in his vocal approach is unwavering and you can feel his message in your mind, body and soul.

A great standout in this track is feature artist Loso Westcrook, who really grabs hold of his verse and puts the listener in a chokehold with his low-end vocal tone and dynamic rhyming schemes. It’s the perfect added ingredient to this track, which parallels with the energy and message this song serves up from the moment the verses start, to the second the chorus ends. The emergency broadcast samples on this track are cleverly implemented by MMS, who also produced this track as well, and really immerses his craft into this single with a loud message and raw passion; making “Despotism” a masterpiece of its class, and an instant-hit status in its own right.

This track is one for the books when it comes to MMS‘s 2020 releases. And could very well be the song that skyrockets him to the top, and changes the game altogether. The song is available right now for free on MMS‘s official website, which is linked down below.

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