Exclusive Review: Lavender Galaxy – “Lavender Galaxy” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Lavender Galaxy’s Self Titled EP

Music that’s meant to make you move with atmospheric moods is one of many ways to describe Lavender Galaxy‘s self titled EP. A project conjured and masterminded by pioneer producer Eric Remington, this 5-track juggernaut is more than what meets the ear when it comes to the Dance and EDM sensibilities it encapsulates with careful crafting and coherence. It’s a visceral listening experience, and really wraps its signature sound around your mind, body and soul.

Featuring several vocalists that are designated for each song, this anthemic EP starts out with a bang on opening track “Paradise (feat. Antonia Fountain). The upbeat bounce beat is immediately apparent on this track with a clever synth/key intro that introduces a catchy chord progression and an ambient aura. As the song takes off, the vocal melodies sung by Fountain truly enhance the detail-oriented production value, putting a perfect parallel between the atmospheric tones and the mid-to-high vocal range. The song “I’d Follow You” also features Antonia Fountain and has a craft that is honed similarly, but not repetitive in any way.

The standout on this record is definitely “Livin’ It Up (feat. Marvin Fockens)”. A futuristic track with vital vocal melodies and a contagiously catchy chorus that is next to impossible to get out of your head. On this track especially, you can really grasp onto Remington‘s signature production style that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity, blending a mid-2000s callback energy and a burst of modern textures that come together beautifully. The backgrounded details on this track are complimentary, the melodic structure is next to flawless, and the vibes are uplifting and dynamic; making this track a standout of its kind from start to finish.

This EP is a rollercoaster ride of beautifully executed tracks that enhance the EDM/Dance listening experience with solid songwriting techniques, detail-oriented production value, and a style that remains consistent and vibrant. You’ll love every song on this record, and it will definitely entice you to check into the Lavender Galaxy catalogue as well as future releases. The EP is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music streaming platforms.

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