Exclusive Review: Norquay – “In Time” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Norquay’s single “In Time”

Exploring the trials and tribulations of social issues, political fallacies and the consequences of societal downfalls, Norquay‘s single “In Time” is a thought provoking anthem that touches on many focal points of why our nations are collapsing, how we’ve come to this, and the desire to become better people so we can do our part in healing the damage that’s already been done. This powerful message is not only pivotal, but also relevant as ever.

With a solid acoustic guitar progression at the helm of this track’s structure, Norquay‘s melodically Indie Rock signature sound is full of ambient textures and atmospheric resonance. His low-to-mid range vocals are crucial when it comes to effectiveness, lending a stylization that parallels beautifully with the story-telling verses and unrelenting chorus. With a sound reminiscent to industry greats like Coldplay, Muse and a touch of David Bowie, Norquay successfully blends an atmosphere of dreamlike musical sequences and next level lyrical outbursts that give this song a high pedestal to stand on, and a loud message to send across the soundscapes between himself as an artist and the world at large.

Each measure after every chorus adds to a buildup that encompasses a terrific payoff. The production value has been handled with care and the performance value is natural and showcases Norquay‘s artistic merit perfectly. It’s rare that a song of such importance comes along in a way that is truly profound. It asks many questions that many others may be too afraid to ask, let alone answer. And that’s why this song hits home and dives deep into your soul the way that it does. “In Time” is a must-listen for all those out there looking for something reflective, deep, and all too real. It’s currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music streaming platforms.

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