Exclusive Review: Shaun Mykal Walker – “Baring My Soul” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Intro and still shot of Shaun Mykal Walker’s Music Video for “Baring My Soul”

Rarely does a song ever have the type of staying power like multi-instrumentalist Shaun Mykal Walker‘s “Baring My Soul”. This insatiably eclectic anthem not only bares Walker‘s soul, but his vast array of musical talent as well.

A song that tells a story of adjusting to a new (way of) life and feeling like you don’t belong, “Baring My Soul” (accompanied by a dynamically cinematic music video) was written through Walker‘s perspective of struggles when he moved from Australia to San Diego, finding difficulty in acquiring connections in a new city while starting over. Utilizing a signature sound that is reminiscent of chart-toppers like Bruno Mars, Prince and Maroon 5, this brilliantly upbeat Alt/Rock song, written and performed by Walker, is contagiously catchy with strong melody choices, crafty riffs and a smooth rhythm section that is topped off with amazing vocal work. His mid-to-high vocal range is apparent and coherent throughout the track with dynamically effective lyrics that showcase Walker‘s many angles of melody placements, which really sets a tone for this song’s diligent genre blending and structural pacing.

With a powerful chorus that is unlikely to leave your head anytime soon, this song’s tightly knit structure is what makes it the gem that it really is. From smooth transitions, perfectly shaped guitar tones and a multifaceted final mix that displays top notch production value, “Baring My Soul” is an extraordinarily catchy track with an endless list of effective musicianship factors. It’s the type of song that brings Shaun Mykal Walker‘s talent to the forefront and really delivers a style that touches on balance and composure to make sure the song is a standout of its kind. You can currently find the single on Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music streaming platforms. The official music video for the song can be found on YouTube. You’ll become an instant fan from the very first listen.

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