Exclusive Review: Susana Esono – “My Baby” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art for Susana Esono’s debut EP

Every artist is inspired by someone, something, or perhaps by an event in their life that gives their life some kind of direction. And through the trials and tribulations of losing someone very close to her, R&B recording artist Susana Esono‘s debut EP “My Baby” delves deep into the tragic loss of her brother along with the concept of mourning stages.

Through her heartfelt lyrics, you can hear and feel Susana‘s pain as she brings out an array of emotions in her opening title track “My Baby”. With an authentic vocal style infused with delicate piano progressions driving the song, this highly emotional track is reflective and really touches on the concept of how someone can be taken out of your life in the blink of an eye without warning. The tracks “Save It” and “In Addition” continue to echo this sentiment through many other angles of the emotional mourning process, carrying on the crafty piano themes that put an effective parallel between the moods and lyrical concepts.

Her song “Wanna” is a beat-driven track with flavorful R&B additives and gives this EP a versatile edge. The concept stays consistent with relatable lyrics and continues to reflect the many facets of Susana‘s journey of turning emotion into art. And then finally leads into closing track and previously released single “Work From Home”, the catchy 2019 song that began mapping out Susana‘s music career and winning the hearts of many.

As a young thriving artist, this debut EP puts Susana Esono off to a great start, and definitely creates anticipation into what she puts out next. “My Baby” is full of real emotion, eclectic lyrical textures and relatability factors that just about any R&B listener can appreciate. You can find the EP on Apple Music, Spotify, and all other major music streaming platforms as well as Susana‘s official website.

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