Exclusive Review: Macknificent Sunrey – “The Antidote” Mixtape

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Macknificent Sunrey’s Mixtape

When it comes to combining versatility and lyrical ability, pioneer Hip Hop artist Macknificent Sunrey absolutely delivers. Titled as a record that’s metaphorically meant to cure COVID19 (no, not literally), his recent mixtape “The Antidote” was released as a perfect record to listen to during our recent days of quarantining. And I must say, these hot tracks really take your mind off the pandemic altogether. So it set out to do what it was intended, and that’s why this record is a complete hit and has generated critical acclaim.

Mac Nif‘s vocal approach and mid-range voice is absolutely meant for Hip Hop. His knack for catchy choruses, humorously crafty music videos and killer cover art has made him hit the ground running since his inception and since then has become a vital voice in the Hip Hop community. First off, there is an impressive amount of variety on this release. His track “Intro (feat. Lay Low)has a diligent mix of both modern and old school flavors that resonate with today’s more mainstream sensibilities, however still makes for a killer underground track that can easily heat up the streets. His next standout track on this record is definitely “GGG (Gucci Glizzy Gang), which Mac initially released as an anchor single. This futuristic track is electronically-infused and utilizes an anthemic aura that puts Mac‘s artistic merit right out in the forefront. This song definitely showcases many angles of his talent and really demonstrates that his hooks and bars are far from ordinary and methodically crafted.

Changing up the pace but definitely not the quality, we have the cleverly executed ballad-style banger “Let’s Ride (feat. Mz SlypnSlyd). This track has an LL Cool J vibe with a multifaceted modern twist that is fun, sexy and unwaveringly catchy. Mz SlypnSlyd‘s descriptive and visceral verses are a definite standout and could easily win over men that happen to be listening. Mac really holds down his end with a more subtle and duet-style flow that compliments the female-featured melodies both in the verses and chorus. It’s a song that will easily win your heart over with its charm and subtlety.

This mixtape literally has something for everyone. Songs like “Shark” and “Going On” are detail-oriented songs that carry a perfect mix of the first 3-4 tracks and completely tie the record together. There’s something different offered up in each track, but you can still tell it’s coming from the same artist. Mac Nif‘s signature sound is distinctive and pivotal, making “The Antidote” a must-listen for 2020 in its own right. You can find the record on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending it.

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